Scientific Glass Water Pipes designed with you in mind.

Taste What You've Been Missing!​​


Our Scientific Glass Water Pipes are expertly crafted with your needs and preferences in mind, offering the ultimate smoking experience with optimal function and diffusion.

The Highest Quality

Functional Borosilicate Glass

Designed and blown for superior diffusion

Flame polished finish on all glass devices

Built to be your go to smoking device



from Urbal Technologies



from Urbal Technologies

Designed to enhance your smoking experience

  • Easy to Use, Easy to Clean

  • Diffuses and removes impurities 

  • Flavor packed breathable draw

  • Smooth and enjoyable smoking experience


Urbal Technologies water pipes will be your favorite smoking device. We designed our glass water pipes for the casual smoker and connoisseurs alike.

Each product is made by hand with precision using only high quality borosilicate glass.

All models are thoroughly tested for ease of use every session, every time.

20 years of experience designing, blowing, and distributing scientific glass.

The All New Traveler

From Urbal Technologies

The Traveler is the perfect dab rig/oil rig.

This water pipe is designed specifically for the use of waxes and oils or “dabs” but has been known to be used as a Bubbler for herbs as well. The Traveler was designed for full flavor, transportation, and ease of use.

Also, The Traveler comes with both a Quartz Banger and a Bowl!

Dual function, use with herbs or concentrates

Nine color styles to choose from

Compact and portable design

Height: Approximately 7″

Width of Base: Approximately 2.5″

Fixed 14mm Joint to 3-Hole Perc

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