Beaker 45×5 Water Pipe


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“Bongs” “Tubes” or “Perc Piece” all terms refer to Water pipes, one of the most beloved ways to smoke.

Water pipes come with a variety of bases, such as Hybrid, Straight Foot, Beaker, BubbleBeakers are popular for their form, water volume and stability, where as Straight-Foot Tubes are popular for fast-draws and high flavor and the Hybrid offers the best of both.

To Percolate or not?  Traditional Percolators provide more Diffusion at the cost of flavor and potency while removing flower particles and impurities. Urbal Technologies modern flame polished high-end Percolators minimize the loss of flavor and potency through better design and Flow.

Beaker 45×5 Boro Tubing

18/14mm Female 6 Slit Downstem

Includes Slide

Color Label

Height: Approximately 13″

Width of Base: Approximately 4″

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 7 × 7 in